Composing a team

2Value will help you to compose a custom project team. To realize your website, webshop or intranet. Through our network you will find the best specialists for any open source job. Tailored to your specific needs. With 2Value you will surprisingly easy organize your perfect project team.

How to compose a team?

2Value can organize your team. Currently we are doing this on the basis of a short questionnaire. The more specific your answers, the more explicit our response.

Questionnaire composing a team

  • Have you already chosen a framework for the development of your web application? If so, which one?
  • Is the hosting done in-house and/or do you have specific server software requirements concerning the hosting?
  • Do you want regional support on location? Or is it possible to do the work remotely?
  • In which phase is your project currently? Is there: a critical building process under time pressure? A support situation of normal urgency and/or complexity?
  • What is your project budget and what is the turnaround time? For example: € 10,000 and 1 month? € 100,000 and 3 months? Or: € 1,5 million and 2 years?
  • If necessary, appoint yourself:

    • desired staff members
    • desired responsibilities;
    • desired tasks and partial results.

Mail your answers, requirements and wishes to:

2Value will then send you per mail a detailed - and non-binding response.