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Blockchain realism & e-Identity management


We have strong beliefs in the innovative power of the blockchain technology. However, we must careful assess the 'why' of its potential. Education and step-by-step discovery of opportunities are crucial. 2Value speerheads this activity in Blockchain Workspace. For an optimal performance of your training schemes, research and development, good support is key.

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Design and creation

Speed is essential. 2Value acts in pop-up teams of experts. A tailor-made multidisciplinary group can operate in isolation at special locations. We create design, provide for code reusing, and test and deploy innovative blockchain based solutions that connect to a public block chain. All based on an appropriate e-Identity management architecture that balances security, privacy, efficiency and usability.

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Think of Bitcoin, Ethereum and NXT developers flanked by e-Identity professionals, web developers, UX'ers and app builders, focusing on your choices and specific needs. The network organisation 2Value offers flexible and customized solutions. We select, train, certify and employ independent specialists who have the right knowledge and experience in various disciplines. We provide tailor-made teams, on site and/or available on call.

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Why should we embrace block chain technology?

Sun, 29/05/2016 - 17:25 -- hvancann
The Celestine promise - part of fresco where fingers touch

Creativity is a unique human feature. One creative “spark” in a person’s brain is enough to set a fire. This idea also forms the basis of the blockchain and the bitcoin. Coincidence does the rest. And exactly that is what makes this invention so promising.